Cornelia Bricklift

Halfling martial artist seeking to restore her dojo's honor


Strength: 9 / +0
Dexterity: 16 / +2
Constitution: 16 / +2
Intelligence: 9 / +0
Wisdom: 13 / +1
Charisma: 12 / +0

HP: 24
Armor: 3
Damage: d10+1
Level: 3
Experience: 7


When you defy danger and use your small size to your advantage, take +1.

Signature Style
You have mastered a style of martial arts. Choose a focus. (All are Hand range, precise, and 0 weight.)

  • Hands and Fingers

Choose two enhancements:

  • Passive: +1 Armor
  • Intense: +1 damage

Choose a look:

  • Loose Form

Ability of Lightness
When you run across a surface that cannot hold your weight, roll + Dex. On a 10+, you make it across gracefully and without trouble. On a 7-9, you make it across, but expose yourself to danger somehow. The GM will tell you how.

Sublime Understanding of the Body
When you attack a foe purely to disable them, roll + Dex. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1.

  • They are dizzied and unstable.
  • Their muscles are weakened or strained.
  • They feel sick and nauseated.
  • One of their limbs is locked or made useless.
  • Their control of their magical power is loosened.

Skin of Bronze, Bones of Iron

When you wear no armor and use no shield, you get 2 Armor.

Wave Motion Fist
You may Volley with your Signature Style. However, on a 7-9, you may not choose to reduce ammo, you have to choose one of the other options.


Cornelia, scion the prodigious line of Bricklift, never wanted for anything. Those of the Bricklift line are blessed with wealth (something about an ancestor thief and top tier…) and as such, are able to follow their passions. Ironically, those passions tend to veer on the violent side.

Such as it was with Cornelia. When she was young, barely 10, she was sent to the famed dojo, The Way of the One Hundred Charging Unicorns. She studied under the dojo’s grand master, Grim Gustgriffon, for over a decade.

One day, a hooded stranger came to the school and challenged Gustgriffon sensei to a duel. The stranger defeated the sensei easily, bringing much shame to the dojo. As quickly as he appeared, the hooded one left.

Cornelia then decided to venture forth. She would hone her skills, find the despised hood, and defeat him in single combat.

Cornelia Bricklift

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